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B-Wave Festival 2019. FÄLLT AUS!!
Samstag, 9. November 2019

Das Festival wurde mangels Ticketverkäufe abgesagt.


Bislang bekannte Acts: Harald Grosskopf, Sebastopol (Belgien), Free System Project (Niederlande), Stellardrone (Litauen), Serge Devadder, Tru5th (Belgien)




In the theater stage 1 guests are from The Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany and Belgium:

Harald Grosskopf :
We’re very proud to have HARALD GROSSKOPF headlining the 2019 B-Wave Festival.
Harald started his career in the 1960’s as a drummer in the beat group The Stuntmen and towards the end of the decade he played in the then-unknown band Scorpions. He later played drums in Wallenstein and Ashra, as well as for many of Klaus Schulze’s solo albums. In 1980, he issued his debut LP, entitled Synthesist, that became a classic of German electronic music.

Especially for the occasion Harald will play improvisations on „Synthesist“ and re-edited tracks plus new yet unreleased material!
His latest album „Synthesist Reloaded“ was a cooperation with 2 other artists where he tried to get as close as possible to some original tracks ending in free improvisations. Also contains Synthesist remixes of artist from England (Ewan Fisher) and the US (Michael Stearns/Steven Erin Dineheart)…

Free System Projekt :
Free System Projekt is a Dutch music duo consisting of Marcel Engels and Ruud Heij. The music is oriented to the style of Tangerine Dream from the 70s and is pure Berlin School style. We’re happy to have them on our stage!

Stellardrone :
Stellardrone is a Lithuanian composer of ambient space music. Stellardrone started composing in 2007 and uses computer software (Reason, Ableton and Audacity) for his compositions. Among the influences mentioned are Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Aphex Twin.
He lives in the Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius. His works have been used in various NASA videos on the international space station ISS and the Space Launch System. And now on the B-Wave stage !

Serge Devadder :
Serge Devadder maintains a rather intuitive approach to creating his electronic soundscapes. He started experimenting with analog and digital synthesizers, sequencers and electric guitar in the mid-80’s. He developed his personal blend of ambient textures, dense loops and polyrhythmic patterns. In 2014 he self-released his first solo album “Cambrian” which contained a selection of pieces recorded between 1992 and 2014. This retrospective album prominently featured electric guitar-loops and a deep aquatic ambience. The next album “Ganda” was released on the famous Dutch Groove Unlimited label. This album contains the entire live performance at the 2016 Cosmic Nights Festival in Ghent. Serge Devadder’s third album “Taxon”, released in 2018, was his second album on Groove Unlimited. Oscillating between immersing ambient atmospheres and complex sequencer-driven patterns, it offers a deep dive into mysterious textures and moods. “Taxon” is inspired by the darker aspects of evolutionary biology as well as the abstract paintings of Devadder’s wife Birgit Schweimler.


For Stage 2 we invited two very interesting acts as well:

Sebastopol’s music is often called “old school” synth music referring to the 1970’s 80’s….
The last album “The Landing” is somewhat proof of that being written with his mind set on the first space pioneers…
Meanwhile, new music has been written and a new album is announced.  An album where instruments speak, and modular synthesis creates shapes landscapes and atmospheres which results in a sort of contemporary music often called “Ambient music”
A musical term being very often misused and misinterpreted these days. Sebastopol’s new album therefor try’s to make an “homage” to what “Ambient” once used to be. Let’s listen to his new album at the B-Wave Festival!

Jonas Vreven, the man behind Thru5th, combines the jawharp with electronic instruments. Surprise yourself with this unique combination of instruments.


Date: November 9th  2019
Venue: CC Muze, Marktplein 3, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
Doors open: 13:00
End: +/- 23:00

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Tickets will be emailed to you after purchase.

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Veranstaltungsort: CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgien
Weitere Informationen: https://www.b-wave.be

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